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Sand Dollar Guitar

Andrew McNaughton, Beach Artist, Watamu

Flip flop turtles commissioned for an International Marine debris conference Pineapples Artist Plastic Lighters with Internally Illuminated Mosaic

This Artist is a passionate naturalist. Whilst living in Watamu he has developed a wide range of beguiling fine art and functional pieces entirely made from found recycled or sustainable objects.

Andrew McNaughton was born in Benghazi, Libya in 1950. He attended Hill School Eldoret for his primary education, went on to Duke of York School of Nairobi and finished by spending four years of Berkshire College of Art studying Production Design. The subsequent 30 years have been spent engaged in interior design both in the UK and Nairobi; however all of his projects have always contained elements of fine art.

All Andrew’s creations are environmentally sound and are fabricated from found materials in the Malindi area of Kenya. This found material is mostly collected from beaches and river inlets fueled from the Indian Ocean. Andrew uses seemingly unlikely items, such as tooth brushes, flip flops, bottle tops as well as natural materials. You will find examples of his recent art work some traditionally done and others using new methods of creation.

Andrew creates his pieces from his workshop at his home in Watamu. He mentors several local carpenters who are dedicated to each of his pieces. Those with aptitude he encourages to create their own work, which have been exhibited in Nairobi.

Andrew advises WMA on methods of recycling beach rubbish and other found items as part of the Community Recycling Project

Six of Andrew’s pieces are shown here:
Main picture, Sand Dollar Guitar, flip flops on defunct canoe wood (capok).

Right hand side images, top to bottom show:-

Baba Kasa na Mtoto Flip flop and canoe wood father and son commissioned for the 5th International Marine Debris Conference March 2011
Close up of guitar - Flipflop on defunct canoe wood (capok).
Pineapples - Flipflops on carved driftwood
Plastic Lighters -. Internally illuminated mosaic

Click on these images to see these pieces in more detail. If you want to see more images of Andrew's work please see Andrew McNaughton Members Page

Andrew McNaughton
email mcndio@africaonline.co.ke
web http://www.andrew-mcnaughton.com/
tel +254 (0)727 034670

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