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Watamu Marine Association, Protecting Our Children Against Sexual and Economic Exploitation

Sexual and economic exploitation of children is a criminal and unacceptable bi-product of coast tourism. Children are being forced to beg money from tourists and have become part of a growing sex industry on the Kenyan coast, focused on Mombasa, Diani and Malindi and for the purposes of this proposal Watamu.

Reports of child prostitution from both visitors and residents are increasing. Sadle local people can tolerate this type of sexual exploitation because, as one quote says, "nothing gets a family out of poverty faster than a daughter who has a white boyfriend" In too many cases, young girls are encouraged by none other than their parents and relatives to look for older white men who will not only pay the girl for her services, but her family as well.

WMA has identified an education and awareness campaign strategy to increase public awareness to the dangers facing children and the illegality and immorality of the trade that will target a broad section of the Watamu community, since 2012 we have been supporting one of our leading ladies in the community, Supa Nabalarose, who has been volunteering as a rescue worker for abused girls and boys since 2004.

What we have achieved since 2012;
Increased awareness on child exploitation in local schools, churches, and community groups and associations;
Increased awareness on child exploitation in local hotels and the tourism sector (including beach operators, and motorbike taxis)
Increased reports and successful police prosecutions;
A successful public campaign with 200 posters circulated and 1,000 leaftlets distributed
Over 3,000 children reached, and 1,000 members of the wider community educated.
Working successfully with the local police force, Malindi Child Protection Centre, Department of Education and Jua Rescue Centre Watamu

Join us in the fight against Child Abuse!!
Thanks to Watamu Association and Watamu Against Crime for their support, financial and enforcement.

Jimmy Kahindi and Supa Nabala
email wma@watamu.biz
web www.watamu.biz
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